July 28, 2017

Hey  guys!

I have some new collaboration for you all!

I really miss my singer friend Leila (we sang together back in Russia) and we decided to do a duet cover on this song across the ocean. 

We thought it would be cool if we recorded the video for our collab cover...

June 7, 2017

Remember in my latest post I said I was gonna tell you guys the story behind my music video? 

Here's how it all happened:

One day (August 22, 2016) I got an email from somebody named Abdulla, saying that they loved my song So Natural and would like to make a video for th...

June 6, 2017

Hi my wornderful friends (or how we say in Russia, 'druzia y padrugi')! 

I am beyond excited to share these news with you! I've been working very hard back in Russia and here in California, creating music with my friends and making progress, but I never really shared th...

March 4, 2017

We finally got to post the full video of us unpacking Richer Poorer goodies (You probably saw the short/funny version on my instagram). 

You can get all of that and much more here: www.richer-poorer.com

Love you guys!

February 15, 2017

Hello friends and music lovers! My boyfriend Josh Curtis and I love jamming out to cool new tracks. We think that no matter what you do and where you are, there is always time to spend with your loved one on a Valentine's Day!

We found this hot new track RUN UP by...

January 31, 2017

I hope this will be helpful for you ladies (and gents!) who are mobile, work/travel a lot and are in need of a working system that will make their days go smoother and all of that in style! 

A couple friends of mine have been asking me about it, so I decide to spill it...

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