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I hope this will be helpful for you ladies (and gents!) who are mobile, work/travel a lot and are in need of a working system that will make their days go smoother and all of that in style!

A couple friends of mine have been asking me about it, so I decide to spill it in the form of a blog (for now).

Quick background on me:

I'm a

• Singer/Model/I do events

• Most of my work is in LA/San Diego

• I live an hour (depending on traffic) from LA and sometimes have to stay at my friend's in order to function, instead of going back and forth

Therefore, I HAVE to have a PERFECT system to make it as easy as possible for me, while looking good and have everything I need extremely accessible.

It all started when I lived back in Moscow, Russia and moved from studio to studio/ had a very 'gypsy' lifestyle. (Maybe I will tell you about it later))

I created a perfect BIG BLACK BAG and BAG IN A BAG (or purse in a purse) SYSTEM. Essentially it's a sports bag/extra big bag, with a smaller bag inside for different essentials and things I will need in my mini-trips.

The bag that's on the foto was purchased in 2010 (I think!), it's an Adidas bag and it's TIMELESS. I still rock it and I'm sure will be rocking for years.

Inside the bag I have:

• a pair or two of high heels (depends on how many modeling/singing jobs I have and what they need)

• Nike flip flops (my Christmas gift form Kaylee & Nick, I wear them in between shoots on set, etc. If you care for your feet - you need them)

The bag has a special compartment for shoes.

• my essentials/toiletry purse (extra lingerie/socks, toothbrush/paste, lotion or oil, extra jewelry if needed)

• my big makeup purse that has everything for professional makeup

• all the clothes that I need ( something to sleep in if I'm staying the night, something comfy to lounge couple bottoms, couple tops, something warm, any dresses something classy/sexy just in case lol)

• oh and I also have this beautiful tumbler from Teavana for the cold days! (I'm not sponsored by them, I bought it because a friend of mine let me use it one time and I got same but in a different color; I love it, it makes my life so much easier and warmer :))

That's pretty much it, it's gonna be different for everybody, but these are the general guidelines. You wanna make sure that you have everything you need at your job, everything for grooming and feeling good.

I also have a handbag where I carry my purse/phone/iPad/planner/couple other things, so I don't have to bring the Big Bag with me everywhere. For example I arrive at a photoshoot in LA. I have everything I need with me. I go to my friends place, bring everything, and then we go somewhere and I'm only bringing my handbag or the little purse, depending on the situation.

Really easy, I don't get mixed up or stressed out.

Please let me know if you guys have a similar system, and if not, what are your tips for staying organized on the go? You're more than welcome to start the conversation and share knowledge so we can all benefit and reach our full potential.

Also, please let me know if you'd like me to do a full walk-through of my system (maybe on YouTube?).

I appreciate your feedback.



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