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Remember in my latest post I said I was gonna tell you guys the story behind my music video?

Here's how it all happened:

One day (August 22, 2016) I got an email from somebody named Abdulla, saying that they loved my song So Natural and would like to make a video for their graduation project at Digital Media Department of California State University, Dominguez Hills. They sent me their reel, I loved it and of course said Yes!

The team consisted of 3 guys:

Abdullah Alsuwaidi - he curated the whole project, it was his idea, he created the whole vision of what's going to happen, what I'm gonna be wearing, what kind of makeup/jewelry; the main man behind the video.

Nicholas Thompson and Erick Decker - they did amazing job behind the camera, lights and all the technicalities that are hard to even start counting. It was an amazing team, everyone knew what they were doing and worked in harmony.

After the first couple emails we set up a meeting (in a Starbucks in Fullerton lol!) where we went back and forth with the ideas and ways it can be done. At first he wanted to use a typical hot guy as a model in the video, which would have been fine, but I wanted to swoop my boyfriend (duh!) and do the video with him.. I like to be realistic! The hot guy ended up being out of the country, and we agreed to add my boyfriend in, along with some dancers!

Now, I couldn't help but reach out to our friends Michael Tukes ( and Kaine Hel. I knew it would be interesting, because not only they are dancers, but they also are in film industry. And very big thanks to them, now we all can enjoy the Behind-The-Scenes action, rehearsal process and preparation for the music video.

A couple weeks after the first meeting I went to OC and we had a photoshoot/wardrobe rehearsal. I scheduled practices with my dancers, and all started coming together. The shoot was scheduled for early October. The one thing that I didn't really expect was the location. We had to film deep in the DEATH VALLEY!

I'll save the horror (but cool!) stories and the video from the location for the next blog, but for now - enjoy the #BTS from our choreo rehearsals!

In the meanwhile, you can listen to the song So Natural at

Big thanks to dancing studio Dancing Images for providing the space to rehearse in.

Please comment and let me know if you've enjoyed the video!

Love you guys!!

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