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New Beginnings!!! Excited!

Hi my wornderful friends (or how we say in Russia, 'druzia y padrugi')! 

I am beyond excited to share these news with you! I've been working very hard back in Russia and here in California, creating music with my friends and making progress, but I never really shared that much of it. I don't really know why, most likely because: 

a) I didn't know how to do it

b) I didn't want to be pushy-selly 'hey listen to my music' 

c) wasn't just insecure about my music and if it's 'good enough'

You know, we all know those little boundaries that we set in our head, that don't let us go forward and excel in our lives. 

These past couple years my life has been changing drastically and after losing purpose, hours spent thinking and figuring life out, finally coming back and realizing that my love and passion has ALWAYS been misic (I just always tended to push it away for various reasons), I set my mind straight. 

Indeed, nobody is going to push you, but you. 

Starting this year, I pledge my allegiance to Music and I promise to not hold myself back on it. 

I know I'm not the only one, and I want all of us, who strive for something, to achieve it in the best ways possible! 

Let me know if you are one of those! 😎

Now, on to the main news (it took me way too long to get here, but I had to clarify some facts): 


The video is gonna be to my song 'SO NATURAL' that I did with my friends back in Russia. 

In the next post, I will tell you how the whole video idea happened and how we went about filming it in Death Valley (crazy stories!) 

In the meanwhile, you can listen to the song here: 

Love you guys, do vstrechi! 

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